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18th of October 2018


7 Ways to Stay Motivated To Workout Regularly - The Good Men Project

Motivation is something that you have to get from your inner self. It is the willpower to do something beneficial.

September 13, 2018 by David Gomes Leave a Comment

Many people can get motivated to workout. But the question is, do they stay motivated for working out regularly? To keep exercising regularly requires you to stay motivated. Do you need to stay motivated? Your answer should be a yes. Staying motivated gives you a purpose to exercise regularly without turning down. You need to get devoted to your fitness workouts day in day out. Once you initiate the workouts, your willpower will help you through the regular exercise. Take a look at ways that will help you stay motivated for your regular workouts.

1. Invest in your best workout gears

Shop online or at the mall for your favorite workout gear. This can be exciting and fun especially if you love shopping. With your favorite gear, it makes you want to try them out when exercising and also make workouts more enjoyable. After weekly or monthly achievements you can add the new gear that you would die to have to help you stay motivated. Ensure your gear is comfortable when working out.

2. Get in workout contests

Do you love competing? Get into a contest with your gym class or other workout groups. Competitions create fun and excitement pulling your friends along. It keeps you refreshed and makes you want to do more of them. This can be, running a marathon, losing more weight, achieving many fitness goals and even keeping time. Most contests have rewards at stake making contestants turn up in large numbers. This is not a one-day thing; the contests are designed to keep you motivated. They break the daily routine of exercising alone to bring in more excitement and fun.

3. Make buddies with class regulars

Extend your social life even when working out. Socialize and make friends from your regular exercise classes, it can also be friends from on-line workout groups. This will make it more interesting, and you will have a chance to know what your friends do to stay motivated. Learn from them and steal their tricks to keep up your motivation. This is more of surrounding yourself with active friends who are determined and committed for the same purpose as you. With them you encourage and support each other, your friendships can also extend beyond the exercises.

4. Find out your reasons for exercising regularly

Why do you want to exercise? What do you opt to achieve? List them down. It can be to get confidence, to fit into the fashions you dream of and maybe to get more healthy. Finding your reasons will get you inspired. As we exercise we can get drained at times which is very normal, our bodies need a break. Reading your list of what you have to achieve at the end of it all will keep you motivated and get back on track.

5. Reach out to online friends

Online friends can include your friends back from high school, college or even new ones. Tell them about your exercise plans, goals and achievements. Your friends will support and encourage your efforts. Some will share their workout routines and success. Making you stay motivated as they will be asking about your progress, this will hold you accountable not to fail them or yourself.

6. Reward yourself

This can seem tough. It can be done by treating yourself after an achievement doing or taking what you love. You can also set aside some money for rewarding yourself. Try to make it more fun and effective by informing your family and friends about your reward system. They will support you on this. Give them your reward money so that they can buy you gifts. Provide them with your goals so that once you achieve them they reward you. It can be losing 5 pounds after a month. Thus keeping it interesting and motivating.

7. Make it simple and fun

Make your workouts simple, complicating them might get you losing interest. Making your daily workout complicated either physically or in your thinking can get you tired and unable to go on. Come up with workout methods that you love, put on your favorite gear and practice them. This will make things simple and straight. You can make your exercises more fun by listening to your favorite music while working out, helping you stay motivated.


Motivation is something that you have to get from your inner self. It is the willpower to do something beneficial. Making workouts be more fun and not viewing them as a punishment to your body will always keep up your motivation. To stay motivated throughout your workouts have optimistic thoughts about exercising. Exercise is important for a healthy life, abs, sexy bikini body and even building up your stamina and confidence. Make it a lifestyle and stay motivated.

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